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Control Arms & Suspension Components

When raised suspension has been fitted to a vehicle it can alter the vehicles suspension, brakes and steering geometry and in some cases this requires additional suspension components to ensure the vehicles handling and performance isn't compromised.


Drop forging improves the grain structure of the alloy and is stronger than billet machining, whilst the CNC 5 axis finish provides the perfect finish.


Keeps the arm protected and looking new throughout its life.


Utilising an adjustment sleeve and lock nut allows slight castor adjustments for the ultimate performance.


OEM Quality Natural Rubber Bushings provide silent, maintenance free, long life operation (feature shot of bushes).


555™ OEM quality Ball Joints used where available


Improved design offers increased clearance to suspension components for improved suspension travel.

Castor Bush Kits (Rubber & Poly)

When raised suspension is fitted to vehicles equipped with a solid axle style front suspension set-up, the castor angle can be altered and can result in a small wobble or shake through the steering. To correct this Dobinsons have a range of OEM quality Rubber Castor Correction Bushes for improved ride and articulation and polyurethane castor correction bushes to return the castor angle to the correct position.

Sway Bar Extensions

Raising a vehicles suspension can result in some components, such as Sway Bar Links, becoming too short and limiting wheel travel. For this reason Dobinsons have released extended heavy duty Sway Bar Link Extensions with factory style Ball Joints to prevent the clicking and knocking noises associated with spherical joints, for selected models.

Castor Plate Kits

For Nissan Patrol Y60/Y61 (GQ/GU) and Toyota Landcruier 80/105 series that have lift kits of between 4 and 6 inches Dobinsons have 5 degree castor plate kits available to correct the castor angle.

Strut Caps

Dobinsons have a range of coil strut top caps available for most popular 4x4 models. These can be used to replace the original worn strut top caps or can be fitted to coil struts with coil springs, allowing a complete strut assembly that is a simple install.

Driveline & Suspension Component Spacers

When lifting some vehicles there can be issues relating to the geometry of the driveline. Dobinsons have a range of Driveline Spacers and Alignments items that are required when lifting vehicles.

Brake Proportioning Valve Extensions

When raising a vehicle fitted with a mechanical rear Braking Bias System, the braking system can be affected as the braking bias front to rear is changed. For this reason Dobinsons recommend fitting one of their Brake Proportioning Valve Extensions when lifting these vehicles.

C.V. Boots - High Clearance

When raising some Toyota IFS vehicles beyond 2”, the front C.V. boots can rub on the lower shock absorber mount at full droop, this can cause premature wearing as the convoluted rings rub together. Dobinsons offer High Clearance C.V. Boots to prevent this issue.

Quick Ride Kits

Dobinsons provide a range of spacer and u-bolt style quick ride kits that are a budget alternative to leaf springs kit when lifting the rear your leaf sprung vehicle.

Extended Shackles

Custom designed, laser cut and greasable Extended Shackles are a budget option for lifting the rear of your leaf sprung vehicle.

Diff Drop Kits

When lifting the front of your IFS vehicle beyond 2”, it is often the case that a longer shock absorber is needed, which results in the C.V. joints exceeding their maximum operating angle causing binding. Dobinsons Diff Drop Kits lower the front diff on selected vehicles to reduce the C.V. operating angle at full droop, preventing C.V. Bind.

Drop Boxes

Dobinsons offer heavy duty Drop Boxes to suit the front of Nissan Patrol Y60/Y61’s which are a direct bolt-in application to suit 4" to 6” lifts. Drop Boxes lower the front radius arm mounts to return the castor angle to the required setting, whilst also pushing the front diff around 15mm forward for improved tyre clearance. Drop Boxes offer the best driveability and handling of all castor correction options, as they reduce bump steer while keeping the radius arms close to the original flat position.

Control Arms (Solid Axle)

When some rear solid axle coil sprung style vehicles are lifted 2” and beyond, the rear tail shaft and pinion angles are affected, which can cause driveline vibrations and other wear issues. Dobinsons Adjustable Heavy Duty Control Arms are manufactured from up to 30-44mm diameter and up to 6mm thick HSLA tubing for an enormous increased in strength over OEM arms, and utilize OEM Quality natural rubber bushes for a quiet, noise and maintenance free long life operation and improved articulation. Adjustable length design allows for precise adjustment and setting of pinion and driveline angles.